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In a world where everyone and everything tells you that you need toxic medicines that can shut down bodily organs and not only kill your body but your spirit it is difficult when you are struggling to get well and want to REALLY FEEL GREAT AGAIN. Lets face it, we live on a planet that we the people have been doing our best to destroy with chemicals, GMOs and pollution to name a few. PERHAPS most of our illnesses are brought on by ourselves. Maybe eating fast food daily does cause vitamin deficiency which leads to many health issues. Perhaps using face cream or deodorant with 100 chemicals in it that you can’t pronounce poisons your body, not in an immediate way but in a slow lingering I feel awful and worse each day what is wrong type of way. Maybe Gods way was better with organic fruits and vegetables and medicine in nature that he provided. If you don’t know already I will tell you everything that you put into your body most definitely effects your mind, body and spirit. There is hope for those who listen to that inner voice and realize what it takes to truly be healthy and happy again. Many would be surprised at the diseases and health issues they could reverse and actually cure without daily pills and trips to the pharmacy. My family started our quest for health a few years ago and I cannot even describe the difference it makes in your quality of life. We have been juicing as often as possible for two years now, at one point we even went a week straight with only organic fresh juice, no solid food. When you drink fresh organic juice of vegetables and fruits it gives you clarity of mind and energy beyond comparison. We avoid products laced with chemicals in our daily lives (all natural toothpaste,deodorant, soap, etc). We also started our own garden, drink lots of water and recently have really gotten into pure essential oils. It is my belief that vitamin & mineral deficiencies coupled with constant exposure to numerous toxins is a recipe for the majority of our health problems. Many Americans are overfed and undernourished. Recent studies have indicated that a whopping 50% of Americans are Vitamin D deficient and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Yes you may be able to get by for a while with these deficiencies before severe problems arise but when you know the cost to your quality of life why would you want too?  Who doesn’t want to feel better now and naturally? Ningxia red is an all natural supplement drink that we have started using when we don’t have the time to juice. It is packed full of nutrients and you will immediately feel the benefits. The brand of essential oils we have chosen to use is known as the purest oils anywhere on the market with proven health benefits. Young Living has an open door policy allowing users to visit their farms and see the way their oils and products are produced anytime you want which leads us to believe they are trustworthy, not to mention there business is thriving. If you would like any info on juicing, Ningxia red, healthy lifestyles or essential oils please feel free to contact me below.  I have listed some of the most popular oils below with a few of the benefits of each oil.

Get Healthy and Wealthy




  • Frankincense.   This is the mother of all oils, with many fantastic benefits It kills germs and can even be used on infected wounds outside or inside the body. Treats issues like bad breath, toothaches, cavities and mouth sores. It strengthens gums, hair roots, tones and lifts skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks and scars! Regulates menstruation in women and even delays menopause while treating the symptoms of PMS or Menopause at the same time. Promotes digestion, reduces respiratory issues, delays aging, relieves stress, relieves arthritis pain and much more. All with No side effects.
  • Lavender.    Oil of relaxation. Diffuse for calming, soothing aroma. Unwind by adding a few drops to a nighttime bath. One of the top oils to support healthy skin. Called the “Swiss army knife” of essential oils because of its many uses.
  • Peppermint.   Supports gastrointestinal comfort. Promotes healthy bowel function and enhanced healthy gut function. Helps maintain efficiency of the digestive tract. May support performance during exercise.
  • Purification.   A blend of Lemongrass, Rosemary, Citronella, Lavandin, Myrtle and Melaleuca oils. The ultimate weapon against bad odors. Great to diffuse in smelly areas. Known to be very gentle on the skin.
  • Thieves.   Promotes a healthy immune system. Helps support a healthy respiratory system while energizing your body. Maintains overall wellness. It is a blend of 5 essential oils.
  • Stress Away.   Designed to help us leave all of the stresses of life behind! Promotes wellness . Great to diffuse after a long day.
  • Lemon.   Disinfectant. Great to use when making your own cleaning solutions. Helps you to overcome colds. Its citrus flavor enhances the taste of food and water. A key ingredient in Thieves and NingXia Red. May help support the immune system. Also known to likely help with weight loss, dandruff, creates shiny healthy looking hair, helps with stomach issues, regulates sleep, and many more benefits.
  • PanAway.    Apply after exercise to sooth muscles. Has a stimulating aroma. Apply to back and neck for a soothing aromatic experience. Supports the appearance of healthy skin coloration.
  • Copaiba.    Best known for its sweet aroma. Promotes overall wellness. Supports nearly every system in the body. Also a great skin oil. Great natural solution for pain relief, infection, and skin health. Can protect/reduce damage to the liver. Protects the brain. Reduces acne. Possible benefit with autoimmune conditions, likely to prevents cavities.
  • DiGize.    Top oil for supporting the digestive system.
  • R.C.    A powerful blend of Spruce, Cypress and three types of Eucalyptus oils known to help you stay motivated. Eliminates inflammation and pain, lowers stress levels, increases energy levels, detoxifies the body, supports a healthy respiratory system.

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Get Healthy and Wealthy

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