Taking Charge of Your Health


Many people think that by taking supplements, they can solve their health challenges. They do not consider the negative impact of the environment and what they could do to change it.

Today’s diet is immensely deficient, which greatly affects our health and well-being and is certainly something to be evaluated and perhaps changed. Exercise should be a routine part of weekly activities, but most of us simply do not make the time. It takes discipline and commitment and would definitely have a positive effect on our health.

Emotional and spiritual feelings and attitudes that negatively affect one’s life are perhaps the most difficult to recognize. An unhealthy state of being, disease, and even death can be brought on by negative thoughts and emotions.

Many people, including social workers and health practitioners, believe that negative emotions are the precursor to both function of the body, mental and physical dysfunction of the body, resulting in mental illness and disease. Surely, that is not true in all cases, but it is definitely something to consider.

We must look at all of these things in an effort to bring balance to our lives, to overcome body dysfunction and disease, and find happiness and fulfillment.

  1. What Causes Poor Nutrition? 

Poor diet, especially eating fast food. Over 40,000 chemicals are found in our food today, which includes prepared and processed foods.

Contaminated water and water treated with chemicals like chlorine and fluoride inhibit proper thyroid function and slow down metabolism, circulation, and immune function.

Poor digestion and assimilation caused by nutritionally deficient foods lacking in the necessary enzymes and minerals critical for digestion cause many problems, with constipation as the number one complaint.

2. What is environmental pollution? 

  • Air pollution
  • Chemicals in the home and work environment
  • Changes in ozone
  • Electromagnetic and radiation pollution from computers, cell phones, televisions, electrical appliances, etc.

3. Why do we have poor physical fitness? 

  • No exercise
  • Obesity from bad diets
  • No or low self-discipline
  • Premature aging
  • Fragile bones and weak muscles

4. What causes a negative attitude? 

  • Depression
  • Low energy
  • Low self-esteem
  • Few or no goals
  • Little or no motivation

5. Why are we spiritually depressed? 

  • No specific belief system
  • Fear
  • Sense of being lost
  • Poor relationship with self, spouse, children, extended family, friends, and most importantly: Our Creator, or God.

We have control over many things–More than those over which we have no control. We can change our diet, change our attitude, start working out to improve our fitness, change what we can in our own personal environment, and start turning to that great universal power for understanding and direction.

We have wonderful nutritional supplements available to us, and we have God’s beautiful essential oils to uplift, energize, motivate, and help propel us onto a greater path of success in every walk of life. What we do and how we do it is our choice.

Essential oils are God’s medicine today and for the future and can be used in many different ways. Their use and application have become very vase and creative, depending on the oil.

Although their topical use is perhaps the most common, dietary use of essential oils may be one of the most effective ways of unlocking their health benefits. Many essential oils are used for food flavoring and are classified as “GRAS” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, meaning they are “generally regarded as safe” for human consumption.

Essential oils have been used for centuries for religious ceremonies, in cosmetics for beautification of the body, and medicinally for many maladies, endowing them with a long history of safe use.

Research indicates that certain essential oils act as potent antioxidants that can actually raise antioxidant levels in the body and prevent premature aging.

According to researcher Jean Valnet, MD an essential oil applied directly on the skin can pass into the bloodstream and diffuse throughout the tissues in 20 minutes or less.

Inhalation can have a direct influence on both the body and mind due to its ability to stimulate the brain’s limbic system, a group of subcortical structures including hypothalamus, the hippocampus, and the amygdala. This can produce powerful effects that can affect everything from emotional balance and energy levels to appetite control and heart and immune functions.

Some researchers believe that inhalation also enhances the body’s immune system. Disease and trauma foster emotional negativity that essential oils often dissipate. Oils with immune-stimulating properties can increase the body’s resistance, whether used topically or taken orally, helping to build a healthy environment that prevents the onset of disease.


Essential oils are very concentrated, natural substances–easily 100 times more concentrated than the natural herbs and plants from which they are distilled. For this reason it is important to dilute certain essential oils before using them therapeutically.

Other essential oils are so mild that dilution is simply not necessary, even for use on infants. The five standard methods of application are topical, inhalation, ingestion, oral, and retention.


The essential oil singles and blends listed for a specific condition may be used either separately or together. Combining two single oils, or one single oil with a blend, may often produce a stronger effect than when using them individually. Usually 1-3 drops of either a single oil or a blend is sufficient, mixing up to 3 or 4 oils in any given combination at a time.


The essential oils recommended for specific conditions are not the only oils you can use; these oils are merely a starting point. Other oils not listed can also be just as effective. You have to use the oils to determine what works best for you.

However, the essential oils are listed in a preferred order, Start with the first single oil, blend, or supplement in the list. If results are not apparent after waiting a little while, try another single oil, blend, supplement, or combination on the next application. Sometimes you have to keep experimenting until you find what works for you. This is because one particular oil may be more compatible with one person’s body chemistry than with another person’s chemistry.

Essential oils can be used topically for massage, acupuncture, Raindrop Technique, and Vita Flex on the bottoms of the feet. In most cases, 3-4 drops are sufficient to produce significant effects, unless using a specific protocol.

Most single oils and blends should be diluted 50/50 when putting them on the skin. Oils that definitely should be diluted are oils such as Cistus, Clove, Cypress, Lemongrass, Mountain Savory, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, etc. For some people, an oil like Basil might be too “hot” if put neat on the skin; for others, Basil will not be “hot” after all. That is why it is best to always do a skin test before applying any oil. When in doubt, dilute.

When diluting the oils, use the V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex for either topical or internal application, particularly if you have not used essential oils previously. Use no more than 10 to 20 drops during one topical application.


When using topically, first do a skin test by putting 1 drop of the desired essential oil on the inside of the upper arm. If cosmetics and personal care products made with synthetic chemicals or soaps and cleaners containing synthetic or petroleum-based chemicals have been used on the skin, then the skin may be uncomfortably sensitive.

If any redness or irritation results, the skin should be thoroughly cleansed; then the oil may be reapplied. If skin irritation persists, try using a different oil or oil blend.

You may want to consider starting an internal cleansing program for 30 days before using essential oils. Use ICP, ComforTone, JuvaPower, Essentialzyme, Detoxzyme, and other cleansing supplements.


Many essential oils are taken internally as dietary supplements. Some people put 1-3 drops in water to drink, but others use cold NingXia Red or another juice of their choice.

If you prefer to swallow a capsule, you can fill a “00” capsule with oil using an eyedropper. Fill with the number of drops desired and the rest of the capsule with V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex or any other organic vegetable oil. If you are uncertain, consult with someone who is experienced in taking oils internally.

Always drink more water when using essential oils because they can accelerate the detoxification process in the body. If you are not taking in adequate fluids, the toxins could recirculate, causing nausea, headaches, etc.


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It is usually best to use one or two application methods at a time. If you were to use all 10 applications for a sore throat at once, it would take more time and probably be inconvenient, costly, and unnecessary.

First, you must decide which oils and supplements you want to use for your program. Choose up to three or four oils, be certain how many drops you are going to use, undiluted or diluted, and if diluted, what the dilution ration is that you want to try.


If you have sore shoulder muscles, you could decide to use the following:


  • PanAway: dilution 50/50
  • Aroma Siez: dilution 50/50
  • Helichrysum: neat
  • V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex
  • Ortho Sport Massage Oil
  • Deep Relief Roll-On to carry with you

YOUR SUPPLEMENTS: Mineral Essence: 2 droppers in 2 oz. of NingXia Red in water in morning

  • ICP: 2 tablespoons in water in the morning
  • Essentialzyme: 2 each morning, 1 in evening
  • BLM: 1 teaspoon in water and drink 2x daily
  • Power Meal: 2 scoops in water or juice 2x daily
  • Detoxsyme: 4-6 in the evening before or after dinner
  • MegaCal: 1 teaspoon in water and drink at night
  • ImmuPro: 2 before going to bed

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Addressing the overall health of the body is important when considering a specific solution. Although essential oils have powerful, therapeutic effects, they are not, by themselves, a total solution. They must be accompanied by a program of internal cleansing, proper diet, and supplementation. This may also include lifestyle changes such as exercise, prayer, and stress-free situations.


Cleansing the colon and liver is the first and most important step to take when dealing with any disease. Many imbalances may be corrected by cleansing alone. Products that cleanse the body include the Cleansing Trio (ComforTone, Essentialzyme, and ICP), JuvaTone, JuvaFlex, Detoxzyme, Digest & Cleanse, DiGize, and ParaFree.

Note: It would be difficult, if not impossible, for infants or children under age 8 to try a colon and liver cleanse. Instead, use 3 drops of DiGize in a teaspoon of V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex, rub around the navel, and place moderately warm packs on the stomach. Apply 2-3 drops of DiGize, Fennel, or Peppermint on the bottoms of the feet.

Put 1 drop of any of the same oils in a glass of water or juice for a child over the age of 4 to drink. Those same drops could also be mixed in a teaspoon of yogurt or kefir that any child can easily swallow.


After the body has been cleansed, it is easier to balance and nourish the systems of the body. This includes rebuilding and nourishing beneficial intestinal flora and re-mineralizing the blood and tissues. Products that build the body include Mineral Essence, Essentialzyme, Essentialsymes-4, MultiGreens, Power Meal, MegaCal, Master Formula HIS or HERS, NingXia Red, Life 5, Balance Complete, OmegaGize, Sulfurzyme, Super B, Super C, Super C chewables, MightyVites, Mightzyme, and MightyMist.


Supporting the endocrine and immune systems comprises the third phase. Products include Exodus II, Thieves, ImmuPro, Mineral Essence, Essentialzyme, Essentialzymes-4, MightyVites, Mightyzyme, MightyMist, Super B, Super C, Master Formula HIS or HERS, Thyromin, EndoGize, Prostrate Health, Progessence Plus, and Power Meal.

Note: For children or adults who have difficulty swallowing capsules and tablets, EssentialZymes-4, may be emptied into other food products such as yogurt, oatmeal, NingXia Red, etc. and ingested.

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God bless you and may each of us find the power and restoration in these precious essential oils!

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