It takes Life to Produce Life


It takes a life process to produce a living substance. Only God can do that. Chemistry is not all there is to the components of an essential oil. There is also electromagnetic frequency, or life force. If frequency is measured, you find that synthetically produced substances are motionless and inert. Zero frequency. At the same time, a naturally grown component in an intact oil gently coaxed from the plant with all of its companion components is vibrant and full of vigor, eager to heal and administer therapy. In fact, there is intelligence in essential oils that have been properly grown and extracted without adulteration. Oils produced by living processes are living. Oils produced by mechanical man-made processes are lifeless.

You see, only God can make a therapeutic oil. All we can do is to extract it as lovingly as possible and leave it untouched. It is man’s arrogance that makes him think he can improve on nature by tampering with the oil.

Essential oils are God’s gift to everyone. They can never be copyrighted or trademarked or patented for profit. Anyone with the patience and willingness can learn to produce them or to find producers they can trust. Their applications, while healing, are not the practice of medicine. In the Biblical tradition, the application of essential oils was the practice of religion. Every American has the right to exercise that freedom.

Where can healing oils of Biblical quality be obtained on today’s market? The major oils discussed are commercially available from one or more sources. There are a number of growers and distilleries in the United States and Canada that produce high quality oils that fulfill all of the criteria for therapeutic grade.

Look for the designation “AFNOR” or AFNOR-EC” on the label. Oils that carry this fulfill the European standards for therapeutic grade. (There are no American standards as yet) AFNOR stands for “Association French Normalization Organization Regulation.” EC stands for European commission. Oils that meet this standard must regularly send samples to France for testing before they can print “AFNOR” on their labels.

There is only ONE North American company that routinely sends oil samples abroad for AFNOR testing to guarantee that they are therapeutic grade and that is Young Living Essential Oils, Inc., a network marketing company. Inquire to see if there is a Young Living Distributor in your neighborhood, perhaps a relative or someone you know, from whom you may purchase Biblical grade oils.

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God bless you! Have a blessed day!

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