AWAY with Cellulite

Special formula for CELLULITE. This is found in the Essential OIls Desk Reference book, Third edition, compliles by Essential Science Publishing Company.

Cellulite is one of the harder types of fats to dissolve in the body. Cellulite is an accumulation of old fat cell clusters that solidify and harden as the surrounding tissue loses its elasticity.
Excess fat is undesirable for two reasons:

1. The extra weight puts an extra load on all body systems, particularly the heart and cardiovascular system, as well as the joints (knees, hips, spine).

2. Toxins and petrochemicals (pesticides, herbicides, metallics) tend to accumulate in fatty tissue. This can contribute to hormone imbalance, neurological problems, and a higher risk of cancer.

Essential oils such as ledum, tangerine and grapefruit may help digest fat cells. Cypress enhances circulation to enhance the elimination of fatty deposits. The essential oils of lemongrass and spearmint and Goji Tea also may help burn fat and Cel-Lite Magic Massage Oil may help dissolve cellulite deposits.

Cellulite is slow to dissolve, so target areas should be worked for a month or more in conjunction with weight training, a weight loss program, and drinking purified water – one-and-a-half times the body weight in ounces each day. Be patient. You should begin to see results in 4-6 weeks when using the oils in combination with a muscle-building and weight-loss regimen.

Single Oils:
• Rosemary, grapefruit, lemon, cypress, fennel, juniper, spearmint, tangerine, lemongrass
*Grapefruit and Lemon are photosensitizing. Do not expose the skin to UV rays after using these oils.

• Citrus Fresh or EndoFlex.

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Recipe 1:

• 5 drops Rosemary CT cineol
• 10 drops grapefruit
• 2 drops cypress

Massage oils into the skin at least once daily and before exercising.

Recipe 2:

* 10 drops grapefruit
* 5 drops lavender
* 3 drops helichrysum
* 3 drops patchouly
* 4 drops cypress

Recipe 3: (for the bath)

• 5 drops juniper
• 3 drops orange
• 3 drops cypress
• 3 drops lemon

Mix the above recipe together with 2 Tablespoons Epsom salts or Bath Gel Base & dissolve in warm bath water. Massage with Cel-Lite Magic after bath.


Dilute 50-50, massage 3-6 drops vigorously on cellulite locations at least 3 times daily, especially before exercising.

Bath Salts: 2-4 times weekly.

Apply 3-5 drops of grapefruit, neat, 1-2 x daily to increase fat-reducing action in areas of fat rolls, puckers, and dimples.

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